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With the support of our team of experienced professionals, our strategic services strive to meet the needs of clients of all types and sizes, from individuals to families, small businesses to large firms. You can review our services to learn how we can help your future success by working with Berrak Consulting.
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Outdoor Leadership Skills development, by giving hands-on training in the nature environment with the approach of "learning by living" It aims to gain skills such as being a team, teamwork, cooperation, communication, trust, strategy, problem solving, decision making, acting in a group, and to raise awareness with metaphorical transfers. At the end of the study, a “Qualitative Evaluation Report” is prepared for the participants under the supervision of expert psychologists. In addition, the services to be offered can be limited or expanded according to the demands of the participating companies. Outdoor aims not only to have fun but also to earn while having fun.
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